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Dr.Izzy Smith - Ethical Kollektiv Contributor

It is with great excitement that we welcome Dr. Izzy Smith on board here at The Ethical Kollektiv!


Dr. Izzy Smith - Well known for her deep knowledge and research in the world of exercise & nutrition.

Izzy is a fact based contributor with an ever growing following across a variety of mediums including, radio social-media and guest appearances on various health and wellness forums.

Together with The Ethical Kollektiv, Izzy is going to dive deep into her favourite topics and explore associated technologies that may or may not be as beneficial as the label claims.

Keep your eyes peeled for her first contribution next week around the importance of sleep and it's correlations with productivity, focus, and general well-being.

For now, head on over to her Instagram page @doctorizzyksmith to discover more healthy goodness.


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