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Website Design and Development  

Start-up Website Design

"Whether you are launching a consulting service, e-commerce store, medical practice or anything else, a decent looking website is of paramount importance. It's often the place where potential clients, staff, partners, investors or patients go for a first or second glance to get a gauge of:

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  • Who You Are

  • What You Do

  • What You Stand For/Values

  • Where You Operate From

  • How They Can Get In Touch

  • Who You Work With

As you are starting off, you want to preserve as much capital as you can and not waste it all on expensive websites, imagery and development fees. The Ethical Kollektiv has chosen to partner with one of the worlds leading design platforms


Wix gives the website owner full control to login whenever they want, wherever they want to make any instant changes they might find necessary. We recommend this platform for anyone looking to start out who wants to take their product to market within a matter of days.

All WiX platform builds come with free a free 20-page marketing strategy document and Search Engine Optimisation

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Existing Website

  • Is your website due for an upgrade?

  • Is your site not converting?

  • Is your SEO strategy not working?

  • Time to freshen up logos and imagery?

  • Need to install E-Commerce?

  • Want to add Blog reels?

  • Need to integrate plugins?
    - Accounting
    - CRM 
    - E-Commerce

    - Chat Bots

Tracking & Analytics

As the world becomes increasingly digitised, so does the ability to track customer/visitor behaviour. Analytical tools allow us to learn how customers interact with your site and provide insight into potential areas of improvement/"optimisation" in our online presence.


Analytical software capabilities are endless, some key benefits are:

  • Audience Demographics
    - Location
    - Age & Sex

  • Interactions across site

  • Conversion Rates

  • Device and location data

  • Time and date of visitors

  • New vs old website visitors
    + more

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Not sure what strategy, spend or platform to use?

Book in for a free 30-minute strategy discussion with one of our directors.

Tracking an Analytics
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