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Digital Strategy Workshop 

How people do business and buy products is rapidly changing, increased trust in online platforms and improved logistical supply chains has driven huge growth in e-commerce and online lead generation.

As suppliers, producers and service providers it's important to not only present ourselves well online, we need to make sure we understand our virtual market, collect and store data in the right locations, understand the terminology and optimise our campaigns correctly.

The Ethical Kollektiv, works with your business to identify the right strategy for your product and your fit in the market through our digital strategy workshop

Workshop Topics

Image by Dan

Section 1: Market Research

  • Understanding Your Competitive Landscape

  • Customer Profiling

  • Pricing

  • Segmenting Audience

Image by Morning Brew

Section 2: Campaign Design & Implementation

  • Campaign Objectives

  • Channel Selection & Budget Research

  • Content Types

  • Format Selection

Image by William Iven

Section 3: Measuring Performance & Optimisation

  • Online vs Offline Data Points

  • Benefits In Storing Customer Data

  • Reasons Why Customers Don’t Buy Online 

  • Retargeting

  • Gathering Feedback

Want to know more about what The Ethical Kollektiv can do for you or have any questions about digital strategy, we'd love to hear from you, get in touch!

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