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Leading Medical Professionals Get Behind The Stay Fit Platform In India

Five of India's most senior medical professionals have banded together to encourage the population to get moving in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With 10,667 fresh cases reported in the last 24 hours, the Covid-19 infections in India on Tuesday rose to 3.43 lakh, including 9,900 deaths and 1.8 lakh recoveries.

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to interact with chief ministers of 21 states to discuss the spike in cases as the country gradually eases lockdown restrictions, India's top medical professionals are warning citizens that moving around freely comes with the increased risk of infection. Leading them to become the voice for India's latest fitness platform spearheaded by Dr. Vyom Parashar

"The people of India need to be made aware of the direct correlation between their physical fitness and their ability to fight off disease. Respiratory fitness is of paramount importance right now, our platform is developed by leading Australian Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists."

- Dr. Vyom Parashar (Director & Co-Founder of India Stay Fit)

The India Stay Fit platform has been designed to accommodate all fitness with light to intermediate sessions to help users achieve minimum daily exercise targets whilst focusing on strengthening their core and improving their aerobic capacity.

The pre-recorded sessions are booked into a schedule to help you stay on top of your routine and encourages social interaction by giving you an option for your friends to join your session from home.

Last of all global wellbeing expert Dr. Michelle McQuaid has designed a weekly personal wellbeing check-in to help you stay on top of your mental wellbeing during these crazy times.

Stay tuned for more wellbeing resources, podcasts and workouts from the team at India Stay Fit and their health ambassadors.

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