Food For Thought

Expression of pain and pleasure comes in many forms...through song, dance and poetry, it lets the world know where you're at and where it can meet you...

This expression is from Sian Mathias,


If pain & suffering were shown on the skin,

Hauntingly defined bruises & black eyes would shine from within,

The surface would no longer look so alluring,

If you were aware of the internal conflict constantly enduring,

Inside the pretty face are doleful eyes,

Telling a thousand gruesome stories - no need for exaggerated lies,

Of how the kindest nature is easily tricked,

The mind is evil when torture is easy to inflict,

Fragility is the most intoxicating smell,

For a predator stalking the naive little belle,

Evil does not discriminate between friend or foe,

It could even exist within a family as some well know.

The hardest part to a dark past,

Is trying not to share it with others too fast,

It can take you years to overcome personal hardship,

Afraid if you let others in it will ruin your comradeship,

You need them to know your darkest night doesn’t define you,

That you’ve overcome everything a normal person will never go through.

Now you are no longer mundane,

Your outlook on life could be dubbed ‘slightly insane’ 🤪,

Uninterested in societal rules,

Looking at people stuck in concrete boxes like - hahaha fools,

There is more to life than the morning rush,

I’m going to adventure into the Australian bush

Still, I am burdened from my history,

Wondering if I’d be sexier if it were all just a mystery.

Why do I fear the repercussions of my past?

Because I know I can hold it - but it’s weight is vast,

To unload these burdens and have them accepted,

Acknowledged and addressed instead of neglected,

Is the most powerful gift another can give,

Each time I tell the stories they become easier to relive.

From Sian Mathias

Instagram: @sian.elizabeth.mathias